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What? Another Conference? The Power of PD

Frequent visitors to our social media pages (namely our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) will know that we attend many conferences and workshops. Recently we attended the National Australian Podiatry Conference in Adelaide.

But why? Certainly, it is expensive and at times a bit tedious, but for us it is a no brainer. Knowledge is everything. Currently the profession is going through some pretty big changes, as well as embracing new technologies like 3D printed orthoses. Having the opportunity to chat with the trades, gain a better understanding of their products, and have an opportunity to examine some of the science behind is invaluable. For example, we gained a better understanding of the technology behind different types of 3D scanners and how that data is then incorporated into the orthotic design. Our scanner remains one of the most accurate available.

It is also an opportunity to hear from some of the sharpest minds in our profession, as well as speak to them, ask questions, and apply that insight into enhancing our patient outcomes. Sometimes controversial topics are explored, other times completely original data can be presented. It was really interesting hearing about pallandromic arthritis, a condition with which I had not encountered before, as well as learning about big data and how it will change the way health is delivered in the future.

Finally, the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new colleagues is really incredibly fulfilling and helps to keep us focused, learn that other people struggle with things like work/life balance. So we stay informed, learn what is new, network, and stay inspired. Cheers to that.

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