Gait Analysis and Biomechanics Optimisation

The team at Hinkler Podiatry understands that biomechanics is more than adding an orthotic. They take time to understand the vectors and forces involved in your movement and minimising pathological forces.

Hinkler Podiatry utilises the Zebris gait analysis system – cutting edge technology combining the dynamic capability of a treadmill with the precision of a force pressure plate. We can see and measure your cadence, stride length, base of gait – and help you optimise your running and achieve your goals! We are able to assess several gait cycles at constant or changing walking speed using the treadmill analysis centre FDM-T. At the same time, it covers all further applications all around the analysis of gait behaviour – from stance over roll-off to gait analysis. This technology is used mainly in universities and is unique to Hinkler Podiatry.

3D gait analysis coming soon!

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