We Have Established Accommodation for Podiatry Student Placement

Just wanting to quickly blog about our Podiatry Student Placement accommodation offerings. It was something we implemented 2 years ago when we relocated to our new premises. A few quick noteworthy dot-points about the placement include:

  • We conceived this so students don’t have to worry about finding accommodation when doing placements
  • They have internet access
  • They get to stay on-site… so they don’t have to worry about transport
  • It is a quick walk or bike ride to the CBD
  • 4 rooms and communal kitchen
  • The accommodation is free
  • We also provide access to a large library of podiatry related books and text.

This is just something we have never thought to share on our blog in the past, so we thought we will. If you are a student considering placement in the Bundaberg region, feel free to contact us.

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