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I’ve got worms! (And I am itching to tell you about it) – Building a DIY Worm Farm

Air pollution is one of the largest growing causes of preventable death in the western world, along with obesity, lack of exercise and smoking.  June 5 is World Environment Day, a day marked in over 100 countries to reflect and respond to some of the challenges our fragile blue planet is facing.  The theme this year is #beatairpollution.

A simple way of improving the air is to have a worm farm.  I have one between the tank and the garden shed which gets a steady feed of fruit and vegetable scraps, tea leaves and sometimes eggshells.  Worms can digest and compact 95% of the organic matter they are fed.  By eating the scraps, the food waste isn’t left to decompose and release air polluting chemicals like carbon dioxide.  It doesn’t smell or take any complicated upkeep.  Finally, I get a regular supply of worm tea and worm castings which is fantastic for the garden.  It is easy, relatively cheap and a really practical thing to do for the planet.

As with most things, little things can make a big difference.  Happy World Environment Day!

PS. If you have not built a DIY worm farm before or not sure where to start, here are some YouTube tutorials I have found. There are also HEAPS more on YouTube.


This is pretty neat!

I couldn’t help it – had to add a DIY worm farm Bunnings video tutorial 🙂

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