Do I need a Dr's referral to see a podiatrist?

No, a referral from a GP is not usually required. However if you carry a DVA Gold or White Card, you will need a referral or D904. Also, if you are wishing to be seen under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan, a current referral is required.


Is it expensive?

Hinkler Podiatry offers very competitive pricing. Our prices are on the prices page of our website. As a Medibank Private Member’s Choice Provider and Bupa Members First Provider, we can offer members of their respective health funds a greater rebate on their podiatry services. Our orthotics and footwear prices are also very competitive.

Why do your fees and orthotics cost less than some others? Are they lesser quality?
Hinkler Podiatry is proud to supply our customers with the highest industry quality devices, customised to your individual needs. We have our orthotics made in consultation with our customers needs and desires (flexibility, durability, choice of top cover, thickness) to achieve the best clinical results. We offer discounts for multiple devices made with the same prescription and will offer comprehensive follow up service.
How old do you need to be to see a podiatrist?

Podiatry can look after your foot health, no matter what age. Children often develop problems like toe walking, warts and a type of heel pain called Sever’s. Podiatry can help ensure your feet stay healthy in the workplace as well as helping to maintain independence and mobility in later life.

What else do podiatrists do besides cut toenails?

Podiatrists offer a range of services including assessing foot function and biomechanics. This can sometimes result in knee or back pain. Podiatrists can rehabilitate injuries, manage plantar fasciitis without using needles, can perform in chair nail surgery, can asses children’s gait and can offer footwear advice to name just a few. At Hinkler Podiatry, we use a variety of equipment including Laser, ultrasound, radial wave therapy, dry needling, mobilisations, kinesiology taping, computer aided gait assessment, offer walking “moon boots” and wound care shoes, Flir thermal imaging, paraffin wax baths, can provide specific strengthening exercises for the foot and have the facilities to assess foot position while cycling. We are also proud to offer training in the role Nordic Walking can play in improving your mobility, health and contribute to weight management.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
To your appointment, please bring your shoes that you wear most of the time and when you are exercising (or experiencing the foot problem). It is also beneficial to wear shorts in case the podiatrist needs to assess hip or hamstring range of motion. A list of current medications is also beneficial, along with any allergies. If you have had previous orthotics, please bring those as well.
What are orthotics and what do they do?
Orthotics are any sort of device placed inside your shoes that change the way you stand and walk. They are customised to your foot condition and come in a variety of materials, depending on need. Orthotics are designed to reduce foot pain and improve the alignment of the feet and legs. People who benefit include those with flat feet, people with heel pain and plantar fasciitis, people who stand all day for work (eg nurses and teachers), people who are very active and people with arthritis and joint disorders. A device that is customised to your foot should last for years. For more information refer to our Orthotics and Insoles page.
Why do I need to see a podiatrist if I have diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition which can affect every part of your body. Its affects on the feet include reduced circulation, loss of sensation in the feet, thinning and drying of the skin and major changes to bone structure. Regular checks can help to reduce the risk of developing ulceration and infection. At Hinkler Podiatry, we perform a thorough assessment and provide a written report to your GP as we understand that the best health outcomes occur with collaboration with your health care team

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