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Happy 10th Birthday Cane2Coral!

How a flat white, a cappuccino and a quick chat gave us the runs.

Some years ago, Kerry Short brought us a coffee and some breakfast eggs. He was the driving force behind the newly conceived Cane2Coral fun run, and was very keen to get us involved.

The vision was for a local fun run to showcase our regions’ beautiful scenery and to inspire people to strive for a higher level of fitness. We were also attracted to the local fundraising opportunity. Over the years, Cane2Coral has raised many thousands of dollars for surf life saving, as well as a host of other local causes.

As good as the coffee was, ultimately it was an easy decision for us. Activity is the single most important thing someone can do for themselves to improve their wellbeing. It reduces the incidence and severity of most chronic diseases and has a positive impact on mental health.

We have enjoyed some unexpected benefits as well. Our staff have a healthy rivalry as well as the camaraderie that comes with team participation. It has given us the opportunity to learn more about running injuries, training techniques and rehabilitation, sometimes through personal experience.

This year’s Cane2Coral was, as always, lots of fun. Thanks to the organisers and volunteers who made the day wonderful. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the tent to ask questions, eat jellybeans, and get a few post race injuries managed.

If you have always thought about participating, but never quite got around to it, I encourage you to give it a go. Beware, beating last year’s time will keep you coming back.

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