Feet, Tweets and Digital Domestiqus

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Just 10 more km. That is the usual lie I tell myself when watching the Tour de France late at night and it is well past bedtime. A lie because between the beautiful  countryside and Phil Liggett, someone will make a break, attack during a hill climb and before I realize what is happening, it is 2am. Cycling is a team sport, with each member of the team having a role to play. Each successful team needs its specialists- climbers, sprinters, domestiques- all working to help one rider achieve excellence.

Business is much the same. I am a podiatrist. I know about feet. I am also involved in running a business in a digital age where information is everything. I need to know about SEO, marketing strategy points, Google optimization and creating trends. Up until recently, I had absolutely no idea what any of that was.

Luckily, Jay Daniells of www.jaydaniellsweb.com.au and Dan Willersdorf of www.widereachsocialmedia.com.au do know and better still, they know how to get results. Our website was in desperate need of an overhaul, so we approached Jay. Jay asked questions, lots of them; but did so in order to understand us better. He also knows that a generic, “cookie-cutter”, cut and paste website template does not cut it in today’s world. Jay custom designed our new website. He also provided us with the knowledge on the importance of effective communication with our clients through platforms like blogging as part of our social media activities, digital brand signals, eNewsletter campaign management and SEO. I can quite honestly say that without Jay’s help, this project would not have eventuated.

A massive thank you too to the incredible Steve Richter Photographer for providing the beautiful photos of the team.

Dan is the king of social media. Dan provided us with a better understanding of the use of social media like facebook, to better inform our followers of our products and services. Thanks to Dan, we are well on our way to our goal of 500 followers. We also can be found on Twitter @HinklerPodiatry, facebook and you can find me on Linkedin. Fair to say, Dan has had us linking, liking and tweeting our socks off.

Jay and Dan are just 2 of the connections we have which keep our Hinkler Podiatry team progressing. We have learnt that the best results always come from using local specialists as they consistently give excellent and personal service. All this ensures that I get to keep focused on what I enjoy best. Looking after my patients.

Alex Bramley

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Alex has a commitment to public health including prevention, education, screening at risk populations, empowering people to make good health decisions and reducing the burden of chronic disease. In addition to clinical expertise, Alex is a Nordic Walking enthusiast and has an interest in cycling related foot problems. Connect with Hinkler Podiatry on Twitter (@HinklerPodiatry), Facebook (www.facebook.com/HinklerPodiatry) and LinkedIn

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